The Remnant

Seeking for a sign, a Remnant of the times
Scattered to and fro, no one seems to find
Like sheep without a shepherd, the flock is open prey
Where are all the Pastors with David’s heart today?

Kings with no authority, thrones made out of sand
Seek for mans approval, they crave adoring fans 

Is there not a burden to seek for all the lost?
Is there not a person to bear a single cross?

What will we do when the walls of stone and glass come down?
Maybe then our focus won’t be on earthly crowns

He’ll shake what can be shaken, the things upon this land
It will not be mistaken, the power of his hand

The things you deem so precious, the pheot that you hold
You truly have mistaken it for silver and for gold 

You’ve replaced the God of truth, the one you used to love
With lies you prove with every breath, you seek not things above

Who is it really we ordain, with paper and with ink?
Isn’t God the wiser one? Really don’t you think?

Holy Spirit You’re the judge, of whom there is elite
Your light that searches every heart for the broken and the meek

For many lay here shattered, upon this earthly dust
Have not You truly spoken, in Your word to us?

Preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead and more
You will bless us, as we pray and seek the remnant floor

For as we wait and seek Your face, You’ve promised to appear
With signs and wonders You will prove, that You’re the one to fear

For man is weak in his own flesh, he thinks he is so wise
Just one heartbeat when it stops, is all it takes to die

What awesome Grace that You have shown, Your patience is so great
Please help our Leaders to repent, before it is to late 

Your Remnant is still out there, lost in Satan’s grip
Give us Leaders David’s heart, so from his hand’s to rip 

Religious spirit crucified, my Lord Jesus testifies
You work for the evil one and your lies have just begun

Many souls have you ensnared, in God’s name you’ve trapped them there
With good works and heavy loads, you lead them down the wider road 

But Jesus said to give it all and not just 10%
For narrow is the way to life and this He truly meant

For God is speaking, can you hear Him from your lofty throne?
Even you, you hypocrites, He loves and calls you home

Are we too busy in our lives, to simply make a choice? 
The call of God is not that loud, but in a still small voice

Call the remnant with a shout that truly can be heard
For His reward is in His hands, when Jesus will return 

Well-done, good faithful servant, you are among the least
Enter now into your rest and sit here at the feast 

Written by:  
Gaylen Paul Poland

Copyright 2018