"I am so thankful for you and the hope that you are embracing.
Readers I have known this man for years and am proud to count him as one of my best friends, Gaylen is an example of God's ability to redeem us when we are fallen and restore us. I am so thankful that when the prodigal son returned home, His father told his servants to go back and bring forth the best robe,. The best, Gaylen I am so thankful for your transparency. Brother I have told you before and will tell you again, the gifts of God are without repentance, More annointing Lord for my brother Gaylen, Lord."

-Patrick Obrien


"What I witnessed at the Teen Challenge concert and then at our church was a blessing. You have the ability to to reach all ages with your songs and words. I left the TC concert inspired by the music and words. I left the church service blessed by your music and words. Meeting you and hearing you have left a lasting impression on me. The music is strong, but the words are stronger. God Bless you Gaylen, and looking forward to seeing you again."

-Bill Gudim


"This last weekend your music touched me so much. First on Friday night at the Teen Challenge concert, then Sunday morning at my church. I actually experienced the first real joy I have felt in a long time. You have such a gift for reaching into the wounded heart and you prove, with every song, that the past is to be learned from, and the future is beckoning brightly. I like the song about domestic abuse on your CD. This is a huge issue in our society and I appreciate your boldness in bringing it into the light. You rock! And you totally blessed us! THANK YOU GAYLEN!"

-Starr Marshall


"We had singer song writer Gaylen Paul at church today, and what a blessing! I was able to spend time with him on Saturday and found he was not only a very gifted musician, but he really knows the Word and is as sincere a Christian seeking the Lord as any I have met. Check his website out and pick up one of his CD's. I am a pastor and let very few behind the pulpit, and would allow Gaylen to share his music and heart anytime he is in town. "

-Pastor John Napoli, River of Life Church (Cloquet, MN)


"Gaylen Paul played at our church on Sunday, October 7th and did a fantastic job! We are planning on having him back again. He has tremendous talent but more important...he has a heart for the Lord. "

-Pastor Harlan Seri, Minnewashta Church (Shorewood, MN)